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Welcome to the frequently asked questions section of Los Angeles home buyers. Here you will find our answers to the questions we often hear from homeowners.

Will You List My Los Angeles House on the MLS or Buy It?

We are cash home buyers, so we aren’t going to list your home. Instead, we’ll purchase the house directly. We pay you cash for the home, bypassing many of the hassles associated with the traditional real estate market.

Once we buy the house from you, we will make repairs and upgrades. Then, we decide if it’s best to resell it to another homeowner or keep it as a rental property.

You won’t be responsible for paying for anything or doing any work regarding the home once it is sold to us. There is also no waiting period or strings attached.

Do You Pay Fair Prices for Properties in Los Angeles, CA?

We pay fair prices for homes in Los Angeles, CA. Our prices are cash offers based on the home’s current. That is not the same as what a home could be worth once it is repaired or renovated and is listed on the traditional market.

We give you a written quote for an all-cash offer for your home. Then you can decide if it is a price that you think is fair and you are comfortable with accepting. You are not obligated to accept the offer if you don’t like the amount.

How Do You Determine the Price to Offer on My House in Los Angeles, CA?

We get our information about your home by discussing it with you and viewing the home ourselves. The price we give you is based on several factors. We consider the location of your house and the state of repair of the house. We also calculate what it will cost us to repair the home.

Another aspect of our offer is the prices of similar properties that have sold in your area. We look at all these factors and balance them appropriately to create a fair, reasonable offer.

Are There Any Fees or Commissions to Work With You to Sell My House in Los Angeles, CA?

When you are ready to sell your house in Los Angeles, CA, we are cash home buyers interested in purchasing your home. There are no fees when you work with us, and we don’t require any commission. We pride ourselves on not having any hidden fees or surprises. You don’t even have to pay for inspections, appraisals, or closing fees when you sell your home to us.

We are home buyers and not real estate agents, so many fees and red tape traditionally associated with home sales can be avoided by simply selling your property to us.

How Are You Different from a Real Estate Agent?

Traditional real estate agents make their living from commissions from homeowners when they sell their homes. A commission is a percentage of the sale that the real estate agent keeps when they sell your home. Since this is how they get paid, they want to make your home seem valuable when they sell it. Adding value will require repairs, staging, and professional photography. You have to pay for all of these steps.

When we buy your home, we buy it as-is because there is no commission when you work with us. We make an offer, and if you accept, we close when you are ready.

Are There Any Obligations When I Submit My Information to Sell My House in Los Angeles, CA?

If you want to find out what kind of offer we would give you for your home, submit your information today. You will get your offer in about a day or so. There is no risk when you get an offer from Breathe Life Real Estate. We do not charge any fees or obligate you to sell your house to use if you get an offer from us.

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