Compare Los Angeles Home Buyers Vs. Traditional Agent Listing

When you compare Los Angeles home buyers with local agent listings, there are many aspects to consider. Check out our table below for a direct comparison between Los Angeles home buyers and local agent listings.

PointsSelling With Real Estate AgentsSelling to an InvestorSold to Real Estate Relief
Commissions / Fees   As much as 6%, which you must payAs much as 6%, which you must payNone
Who Pays Closing Costs?SellerSellerWe pay closing costs
Inspection and Financing Contingency*Yes, in case the sale falls throughYes, in case the sale falls throughNot needed
Appraisal Needed           Yes, usually requiredYes, often requiredNo, we buy homes as-is
Average Days Until SoldAbout 90 daysVariesImmediate cash offer
Number of ShowingsManyVariesOne (us)
Closing DateUp to 60 days after the saleDependsYou decide
Who Pays For Repairs?You pay for repairs in advanceDependsWe pay for repairs

You can go from a fast and fair offer to closing and cash in hand in as little as seven days

When you compare Los Angeles home buyers with traditional agent listings, one aspect that stands out is time. It takes much longer to get your home sold and cash in your hand when you choose the traditional route.

When you work with a traditional agent, the closing can take months, and you could be left waiting on your money for a very long time. With Los Angeles home buyers, you sell your home for cash and don’t have to worry about it anymore. The closing can happen in as little as a week.

Avoid paying closing fees

Closing fees can cost thousands of dollars. When you sell your home through a traditional agent listing, the closing costs come out of your pocket and hit your bottom line.

You don’t want to deal with the closing costs, the commissions, or any other expensive fees that get tacked on when you choose the traditional listing method.

Get a fair all-cash offer on your home

On the traditional market, you can get different types of offers. Generally, the offers come from private buyers who hope to receive financing through a bank. Often there is haggling or negotiating over the price with private buyers.

With Orland home buyers, you get a fair cash offer in writing. Then, you decide whether or not to sell the property. You won’t have to worry about multiple offers or how the financing will work. You decide to sell the home, and we pay cash for your home.

Don’t worry about fixing anything or cleaning your home for buyers

When you compare Los Angeles home buyers with local agents, one of the vital things that you should keep in mind is staging and showings. If you use a local real estate agent, they will want to arrange showings of your home for prospective buyers. You might even get stuck with an open house where anyone can show up to view your house.

To give your house the best chance of selling, the agent will ask you to stage the home, which can involve anything from repairs to buying new furniture.

With us, none of this is necessary. There is no staging or showings needed because we are cash home buyers, and we buy houses for cash in Los Angeles, CA!

Look at the numbers to see the advantages

At first glance, you might get a lower price when you take a cash offer on your home. However, the full market price is not guaranteed. You should also consider that you will have to pay closing costs, commissions, and for repairs and staging. There are also fees for inspections and appraisals. When you compare home buyers in Los Angeles, CA, with traditional agent listings and consider the time the conventional route takes, you will realize the advantage of Los Angeles home buyers!

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